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WordPress 5.3 Update

Contributor: Ellyse Dwyer

Date: 16 January 2020

WordPress 5.3 Update

Hello everyone, WordPress has recently released their newest rendition of their software and have titled it ‘Kirk’.

I’d like to start by reminding everyone to update their WordPress because as always this one came with several security patches that improve the quality of your site.

Some of the notable additions in this update are a new default theme titled ‘Twenty Twenty’. From what I’m hearing this theme considering it is completely free is fantastic. It has a very minimalist style and is very easy to read and take in content.

Another one is the added compatibility for PHP Version 7.4 which many developers will be appreciative of.

The main focus of the update was to improve the block editor introduced in WordPress 5.0. You now have more freedom to design your layout and style so as to truly put you in control over the sites appearance. The reason the ‘Twenty Twenty’ theme mentioned above is so good is because it was designed with the improved block editor in mind. They work hand in hand like like bacon and eggs.

You can read more about ‘Kirk’ in the recently posted developer blog here

If you have any questions regarding the update, give us a ring on 1300 761 930 or send an email on through to, we’re always happy to answer your questions.

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