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Who uses wordpress?

Contributor: Ellyse Dwyer

Date: 6 February 2020

Who uses wordpress?

What was once used mainly by small time travellers and writers for blogs has grown and evolved to become the biggest content management system on the block. WordPress themselves reveal that 35% of all websites are built on their platform.

They take up more than 50% of the CMS market share worldwide and for good reason, it’s attractive, easy to use and flexible. Thousands of themes and plug ins make it oh so simple to achieve the goals you set out with when first designing a website. And it’s not just us that are catching onto this. Big brands and corporations are using wordpress for their sites too. Whether it’s your favourite sports team or the manufacturer of your car, everyone sees the advantages of wordpress.

Above you’ll find a shortlist of some of the most popular brands using wordpress for their site courtesy of themeisle. As you can see, it’s no secret even to companies like microsoft that wordpress should be your go to option for web design.

This link will take you on a more in depth look at some of the sites using wordpress and the key indicators that give it away, such as the iconic grid layout and the big full length headers wordpress is known for.

Hosting-Australia has years of experience working with wordpress, if you see something you like in any of these sites, come to us with any requests and we’ll be able to help with building you a website on the level of what you see these billion dollar business using.

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