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Should I become a Reseller?

Contributor: Sam Perugini

Date: 17 July 2022

Should I become a Reseller?

Should I be a web hosting reseller

There is an easy answer to this question. Depends!

Most people will have 1 or 2 sites that they can easily manage with 1 or 2 cpanels. In fact some people can run 5 or more sites on the same Cpanel. This is done using Parked or Add On Domains.

This is fine if you own all the domains and want to keep costs down rather than running a Hosting Package for each domain. However if you have 5-10 or more domains and they belong to other people (friends, colleagues or customers) you would be better off choosing to be a reseller.

For a couple of reasons.

  1. As a reseller you get access to WHM(web hosting manager) which allows you to see all the hosting packages you own
  2. You can start charging for your service and have your hosting paid for by other people.
  3. You now have your own Web Hosting business.

If you own all the domains it’s a good way to at least manage your sites through one portal but this also allows you to grow into a business and now provide the server to others.

Hosting Australia reseller packages start at $29/month which allows you 10 cpanel accounts. When you consider the average hosting package can be between $150 – $200 / year, you can very quickly start up a profitable business simply by bringing in some paying customers.

Web Hosting may not be your core business but if your business is web related such as graphics or web development why not offer the extra service to your customer and earn a little more to cover your costs of hosting your own sites?

Why would this not suit me?

Remember as a reseller this is your business. You can run it as you see fit… with in certain guidelines. Also you can charge whatever you want or not at all…. That’s all entirely up to you.

However since it is your business and they your customers, it is your responsibility to provide all support to your customers. It is your hosting company. You’re just using Hosting Australia’s infrastructure. Therefore you customers go to you for support not Hosting Australia.

That doesn’t mean we don’t provide support. You can come to us with anything you aren’t able to handle. However charges may apply. We still provide all the server support but any customer related or email / Web hosting problems will be charged for.

So there is that to consider because if you don’t have time or the knowledge or just don’t want to bother then being a reseller may not be for you. Or be a reseller and let us take care of your customers. We do provide support packages for resellers who just want to concentrate on their core business.

Being a reseller can be profitable but if you don’t want to take on all the responsibilities of supporting your customer hosting then perhaps an alternative is to become an affiliate.

This topic for another day

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