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Shared vs VPS Hosting

Contributor: Ellyse Dwyer

Date: 3 May 2021

Shared vs VPS Hosting

Shared or VPS Hosting

Shared or VPS hosting, deciding on the most suitable hosting package for your website can seem like a confusing and difficult process. If you have found this blog post, you have already found the right hosting company. But you may be unsure of the right type of hosting for your website.

These two versions of hosting, both have the same end goal. That is to ensure you have a site live on the internet accessible by the world. But, they both have very different ways of accomplishing that goal.

 In this article, we will discuss shared vs VPS hosting. The major differences and in addition to their pros and cons, so you can select the right kind of hosting for your website.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting allows multiple websites to utilize a single server. The server is built in a way it will be able to handle multiple resources across multiple users. This sharing across the server allows overall hosting to be more affordable by splitting the cost.

A simple way to think of this is if you purchase a car, it is cheaper for each member of your family to use the car, rather than each individual member of the family to purchase a car then pay for the upkeep for each induvial car.

Each service is allocated an amount of resources depending on your hosting package. You will be able to view via your allocated usage statistics via your cPanel.

Shared Hosting Pro’s

Shared Hosting cPanel


It is a known fact that shared hosting is a more affordable form of hosting that still provides you with all the features required for your website.

Great for Beginner’s

All shared hosting packages are preinstalled with cPanel, this is an easy-to-use hosting dashboard. cPanel allows easy manage your hosting, set up multiple domains, redirects, and manage email accounts. The cPanel also allows you to view your allocated server resources as mentioned earlier.

Upgrades and Maintenance required.

All the upgrades and maintenance are carried out by the technical team. These tasks are necessary if you want your server to continue to function. These are complex and require a wealth of knowledge if you were required to do these on your own.

Shared Hosting Con’s

Chance of Slower speeds

As you are sharing your server with multiple users, there is a slight chance your site speeds may be lower compared to a dedicated server. Depending on the amount of traffic, you receive you may need to increase your allocated server resources.

Potential Server Limits

Depending on your site growth, the server storage and bandwidth limits may not be enough. This will require you to upgrade your hosting package to provide more resources. However, with you can easily upgrade and downgrade your hosting packages to scale with your needs.

Server Control

Shared hosting will not allow you to make direct changes to the server itself. So, if you need to make changes server side or install additional servers to your hosting, we recommend other hosting packages.

So, Who Does Share Hosting Suit?

Shared hosting is perfect for beginners who are building their sites online, especially if you do not wish to be bogged down with server maintenance and the nitty-gritty of servers.

VPS Hosting Pro’s

High Level of Performance.

The VPS hosting provides you with a greater level of server resources. So, if you have big and bold plans and know that your site will be pushed further than shared hosting. VPS will be able to support a higher volume of users without a decline in performance.


VPS hosting offers you a higher level of security than shared hosting. Since your environment is virtualized, you will be isolated from other sites on shared hosting servers.


VPS hosting allows you access to more server customization options. The VPS will get root server access, which gives you greater server control and behaves like a dedicated server, allowing more power, freedom, and control.

VPS Hosting Con’s


The VPS is more expensive than shared hosting. Since you are getting access to more server resources they will increase as well.


Generally, the management of VPS hosting requires a higher level of technical skills to manage your server the right way. does not provide free support or does not maintain, upgrade, and optimize your server environment for you.

Making the choice

By reading this article. You will now have a better understanding of Shared and VPS hosting. Shared hosting will be a more affordable form of hosting depending on your requirements, but the benefits of the additional resources offered by VPS hosting.

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