Security and Performance

Worried about the safety of your online services?

Hosting Australia can help, with a range of security products and services to keep you and your services safe from online threats.

Spam Protection
SSL Certificates

Spam Filtering SPAMProtect

State of the art, dynamic SPAM protection. No Spam Protection is perfect. But SPAMProtect comes close.

It is an artificial intelligence learning system that trains itself about what is SPAM and what is not. Clean up your INBOX.

SSL Certificates

SSL is like a special protective shield that keeps your online conversations and transactions safe from sneaky eavesdroppers.

Ensure your communications and site visitors are safe, with a Hosting Australia SSL.


Safeguard your digital fortress with SiteLock’s powerful security solutions, shielding your website from threats and ensuring peace of mind for you and your visitors.

Keep your website services secure, with Hosting Australia and SiteLock.

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