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Removal of Mixed Content on Google

Date: 9 January 2020
Author: ellyse

Hey Guys, So recently Google has announced that they’ll be blocking mixed content on websites.

But what is mixed content? Why does it matter? Well, when you install an SSL certificate on your site you redirect all traffic from the http to https version of your site, however there may still be content on your site that can still be identified as http content. What Google is going to do is automatically redirect the http content like images and audio files, if that can’t be done the content will be blocked by google.

This process will begin in the next Chrome release ‘Chrome 79’, which is scheduled for December 2019. However don’t fret, your site content won’t start getting blocked until February-April 2020.

So how can you tell if you have mixed content on your site? Well in the top left you should see a lock to the left of your domain name in the address bar, clicking on it should show connection secure. Alternatively you may see an ‘i’, if you click on this it may show ‘Your connection to this site is not fully secure’. This means you have mixed content warnings.

The good news, we can actually help you with this, mixed content is something we handle all the time, if you don’t update the content you may notice chunks of your website disappearing before you know it. To avoid this you can contact your personal developer or do some quick googling or even just call us on 1300 761 930 and ask our support team about mixed content issues on your site.

If you want to read what google said about this you can do so in the below link.

As always you can contact us regarding anything you read here via email ( or phone (1300 761 930).

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