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Adobe Flash Player EOL

Contributor: Ellyse Dwyer

Date: 14 May 2020

Adobe Flash Player EOL

Adobe has recently announced the Adobe Flash Player EOL (End of Life) date. Going into next year flash support will cease entirely. What does this mean for you?

For starters, Flash was never really a secure product on your site to begin with. Now that Adobe has announced they will be discontinuing security patches, it will become a serious liability on your site. Having it present basically means there is a backdoor into your site for anyone who wants to use it.

Not only is this a danger to you, but it is also a danger to your consumers. Anyone who accesses a site with flash present past 2021 will be at risk of having their details stolen. While there’s no guarantees that your site will fall under cyber-attack, we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We highly recommend removing any Adobe Flash content from your site ASAP.

Other than the obvious security issues flash brings, another one is purely cosmetic. You may not be aware that Google blocked flash in 2017. The result of which was any flash content would be unviewable while browsing with Google. Firefox and Internet Explorer have been a bit slower with this. However, both are committed to blocking flash at the end of 2020 as well. Meaning all Flash content will not only be a security hazard but will also look really ugly on your site.

If you’re concerned about the presence of flash on your site and would like it removed, you’re in luck. Hosting-Australia can manage that for you. Give our support guys a ring on 1300 761 930 or email to get in touch.

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