Easter is fast approaching and with it, the chance to find hidden easter eggs on the internet, or as we like to call it, the rabbit hole. If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait until the week of Easter to start looking for the best-hidden easter eggs on the internet! But how do you find them? Well, luckily for you, we’ve got an entire list of tips on how to find hidden easter eggs and how to find them quickly. Whether you’re looking for the best-hidden easter eggs on the internet, or simply looking to survive the next few days before the big day, we’ve got you covered!

Google Search Friends

Friends, the American sitcom, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019, and Google added a slew of Easter Eggs to commemorate the occasion.

Type in search and then click on the image on the right (make sure sound is turned on):

  • Monica Geller is a well-known television personality (features her cleaning OCD)
  • Joey Tribbiani (Joey Tribbiani) is a (features, guess what, pizza, hot dogs, and sandwiches)
  • Ross Geller (PIVOT!)
  • Rachel Green (showing Rachel’s hairstyle)
  • Chandler Bing is a character in the film Chandler Bing (features ducks)
  • Phoebe Buffay is a character in the film Phoebe Buffay (which features the Smelly Cat – and song)

Do you still have a nostalgic feeling? To take a trip down memory lane, type in “google in 1998” without quotation marks.

Google Search Games

Google will show you games to play in your browser if you type Pacman, Tic Tac Toe, Snake Game, Minesweeper, or Solitaire into the search bar.

Google Search Numbers

You can type a lot of phrases into Google Search to receive a unique numerical result. If you search for “once in a blue moon,” for example, you’ll find the mathematical formula for calculating how often a blue moon happens.

To find Easter eggs that bring up the calculator, look for the following phrases:

  • The most lonely number (results in a calculator showing the number 1)
  • The size of a unicorn’s horns (results in a calculator showing the number 1)
  • The loneliest number minus the number of unicorn horns (we’ll let you figure out the answer!)
  • (This question and answer are based on Douglas Adam’s book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe)
  • (We’re getting inventive here!) the number of horns on a unicorn minus the answer to life, the world, and everything

Google Images Atari Breakout

A hidden arcade game can also be found in Google Images. If you type “Atari Breakout” into the image search field, you may play the game by clicking on any of the elgoog.im results that read “Play Google Atari Breakout” (there are a bunch!). You have the option of sharing your score at the end of the game.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

When your wifi goes down or Google Chrome can’t discover a connection, it redirects you to a dinosaur-themed error page. You’re in for an addictive game if you press the spacebar.

Do you want to play even if your internet is down? Simply type chrome:/dino and press the spacebar in your address bar.

Google Chrome Text Adventure

To begin playing a text adventure game, follow these steps:

  • Type “text adventure” into Google Search. Ascertain that you are using Google Chrome as your browser.
  • Then, go to More tools –> Developer tools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I or clicking on the three dots in the upper right to reveal the menu and selecting Developer tools.
    When you click on Console, you’ll be asked, “Would you like to play a game?”

When you say yes, the journey begins!

Your mission is to reassemble the letters that make up the word “Google.” You progress through the game by inputting instructions and selecting options. Best of luck!

Microsoft Edge

It’s a long set of instructions, but if you follow them all to the point, you’ll be able to play a fun surf game in the new Edge browser.

  • In the browser, go to any website.
  • Select “Start new Collection” from the Collections button. Microsoft Edge is the name of the programme.
  • The active site should now be added to the Collection. Change the name to S by right-clicking on it.
  • Rep step 3 three more times, renaming the sites U, R, and F until you have four sites in the collection spelling out SURF.
  • Last but not least, drag the F site and drop it after U to get SUFR. Drag the F back to the last location so that SURF is written correctly once more.
  • Restart Microsoft EdgeIf you followed all the instructions correctly, the SURF game would have been added to the collection. You can also load edge:/surf to immediately begin the game.