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Why Choose Spam Protect for Incoming Email Filtering?

Date: 30 October 2023
Author: Sam

Threat Protection

Thanks to Hosting Australia’s SPAM Protect, your emails will be safer than ever before. We keep developing our technology so that it can block more of those pesky messages from finding their way into inboxes and on computer screens everywhere!

Save Resources

SPAMProtect helps protect inboxes, users, and IPs from the full range of email hazards while saving resources and costs. With competitive, per-domain pricing, you can have piece of mind, with minimal costs.

Save Time

SPAMProtect offers a variety of services to keep your inbox flowing smoothly, even when you’re not online or our service goes down! You can store messages so they don’t disappear without being read and then retry delivery during outages for an uninterrupted flow of mail!

SPAMProtect Incoming Filtering software offers full inbox protection against spam, viruses and malware with the help of advanced algorithms, smart learning and spam pattern detection methods.

  • Advanced Spam Filtering
  • Real-time Analysis
  • Customizable Whitelists and Blacklists
  • IP Reputation Management
  • Content Analysis
  • Image and Attachment Analysis
  • Spam Quarantine
  • Auto-learning Capabilities
  • API Integration:
  • Multilingual Support
  • Cloud-based Architecture
  • Performance Optimization
  • Regular Updates and Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Analysis and Reporting
  • Compatibility and Easy Setup
  • Compatibility and Easy Setup

Hosting Australia Spam Protect provides  enterprise grade protection against inbound spam, viruses, phishing, malware, ransomware and other email-based threats. Clean and safe inboxes with additional email continuity. Click Here to order and setup Spam Protect on your account.

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