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What Do I Need on My New Website?

Contributor: Sam Perugini

Date: 8 August 2022

What Do I Need on My New Website?

Too often business owners make the mistake of thinking all they need is a website online to suddenly make money for them.  Or even more think that a website is just a waste of money because it doesn’t make any.

Just like a normal shop on the side of the road you need to do certain things to make sure your business is profitable. You won’t spend $250,000 on renovating a shop on a busy highway then just leave it without presenting your products in your shop in way to attract customers in.  You will have signage out front you will display your products inside to be easy to find and you will promote and advertise that your store exists.

However this is exactly what business neglect when they build a website.  Depending on what the site needs to do business owners may spend upwards of $2000-$10,000 to build a website but then do nothing with it and expect it to just sit there and get them business.  There is work to do to make a site valuable to your business.  Such as promote it online / offline, set it out in a way that makes it usable and present your products and make them easy to order if you have e-commerce.

All of those topics are for another blog but just as important to making sure people know your site exists you need to ensure you have the right information on your site…. What do you want your site to do?

However, when it comes to expanding customers online, there are many businesses that fail to make the most of their virtual stores.  You don’t want to be one of them. As a matter of fact, in order to boost the online presence of your business, your website must be able to:

  • Reach A Good Audience Base
  • Attract More Visitors
  • Keep Them Interested In Your Business Offerings
  • Lead Them To Perform The Action You Want
  • Retain The Existing Customers With New Information

Now, how can you help your website achieve all of this and much more?

Relevant Information

Every website must have information that is genuine and unique. No web user is really interested in reading information that’s commonplace. Offer something extra to your visitors. Create compelling, rich media content. Remember that a majority of web users have a short attention span. They need quick information. So, be crisp and clear with all that you share on your website.

Contact details

The importance of a business’ contact details couldn’t really be stressed enough. When a visitor finds it difficult to reach out to your business through phone, email, or even chat, it is out-and-out a frustrating experience. If you are not comfortable handling too many phone calls, you can just provide an email address, but do give your website visitors a way to connect with you.

Call-to-action triggers

The right call-to-action (CTA) strategy will turn your visitors into customers. Include free trial or demo as a CTA and give your prospects a chance to experience your offerings. With messages like ‘Call Today’, ‘Book Now’, ‘Click Here’, ‘Get a quote’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Hurry’, etc. you can lead your visitors to sales. Include these messages and enjoy increased revenues.

Stringent security measures

A website’s security is as important as the website itself. By having an SSL certificate, you give your visitors the assurance that you care about their security. Protect your website with the right measures in place and reduce the chances of identity theft.


In your pursuit to attract more customers, don’t complicate your website. Too much information can be as bad as not enough information.  In particular your home page. Just paragraphs of text will lose you traffic fast.  Your front page needs to engage the visitor to move quickly around the site.  Go for an interesting yet equally simple layout that’s easy to use and navigate.  Less text and more images gives the page a dynamic look and feel.  Include white space to make the page visually pleasing and not too cluttered.

Responsive design

Having a mobile-responsive website design has become a necessity today. But, there are still many businesses who fail to capture the potential of this incredible technology. Avoid being one of them. Give your website users mobile accessibility. Get a responsive UI and utilize the ever-increasing mobile Internet usage for your business growth.

Social Media Integration

From Twitter to Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, there are so many social media platforms that have transformed the way modern businesses engage with their customers. Promote your presence on all such platforms by integrating them into your website. This small step will also help you improve your ranks on search engines. Now, that’s an amazing two-for-one strategy, you must implement.

Your business needs a digital presence to stand out in the competitive market.


Hosting Australia can help with what you need to build new websites.  Hosting Australia develops and manages rich and interactive websites — both static and dynamic, responsive web designs, ecommerce sites, mobile-friendly websites and much more across multiple platforms. We provide long-term website hosting and site maintenance services to facilitate on-time upgrades and regular support.

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