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Migrating Your Service To

Contributor: Ellyse Dwyer

Date: 17 May 2021

Migrating Your Service To

There are many reasons you may want to switch from your current web hosting provider to, perhaps their pricing has changed over the years, their servers are slow or you’re finding it difficult to get in touch with their support team.

Switching your web hosting provider might seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to take the guess work and stress out of making this change. is 100% Australian owned and operated. Our support team are located in Australia, so you know if you are having any difficulties with your service, you can quickly get in touch with someone in our team and get the assistance you need.  

So, if you’re ready to make the switch, what’s next?

Contact Us!

First, you will need to contact us via 1300 761 930 or send an email to, informing us that you wish to migrate your services over to us.

When you contact us it’s best to give us the following information so the transfer will be as smooth as possible. Providing this information upfront will help us eliminate downtime on your site.

  • what you need to achieve from your migration. The worries you have with your existing migration and what you hope to solve.
  • List your domain/s that you want to transfer to Hosting Australia (if any)
  • If you are currently managing your domain with another provider and will be transferring them. Please provide logins to your Domain Provide eg NetRegistry so we can do an accurate audit of your domains and plan the transfer.
  • Will you be transferring your website? if so, do you have current login details for your current website host? This will allow us to properly audit the hosting you currently have and plan the migration to provide for the least interruption to services.
  • Do you have any other considerations or concerns the migration team might need to be aware of to carefully plan your migration? This would include pending billing dates you want to avoid, service cutoffs, company shutdowns, or purchases.
  • What date and time would you prefer the migration to occur? Please note out of hours managed migration may attract a charge depending on complexity.
  • Best contact at your organization. (Name and Phone) Please ensure this person is an authorized contact on your client account.

Preparing your Domain for Migration.

There are pre-transfer checks you will need to make before transferring the domain across, because there are safeguards to keep individuals from taking your domain from right underneath you.

These changes will need to be made at your current registrar.

  • Confirm the Domain is 60 Days Old: ICANN does not allow a domain to be transferred within the first 60 days.
  • Unlock Your Domain: Domain locks prevent unauthorized domain transfers. If the domain is not unlocked the domain will not be transferable. You can also check the status on the lock by visiting
  • Check Your Domain Expiration: It can take up to 7 days to transfer a domain depending on the domain type i.e:, .org, .com, .net…etc.
  • Check that the Domain Is not in Redemption: If you are transferring an expired domain, be sure that it is within 30 days of expiration. If it as been expired for longer than that your domain may not be transferred without renewal.
  • Update your WHOIS Information: Your WHOIS information may be used to verify your ownership of the domain before the transfer completes updating your contact information to ensure that you will be able to access the approval transfer email required when moving domains.
  • EPP Code: This is the most important step without this EPP code (domain password), you will be unable to transfer the domain. Your current provider will be able to give you access to your domain’s EEP code.

It is important to know that all .au domain transfers are free and .com’s have a $19.90 transfer fee. However, an extra year will be added to the renewal of your domain.

cPanel Migration

Your current hosting provider may use cPanel, if that is the case you are in luck! cPanel migrations are FREE! All we require are your cPanel username and password and our migration team can migrate your hosting files using our server migration script.

If you require a manual transfer our migration team are more than happy to do this for you as well. Manual transfers will incur a $75 manual migration fee as there are more steps taken in a manual migration.

We will require the following:

  • Access to your site files. This is usually done by FTP the files are or if you have WordPress and can provide the login details. We can go in and make a copy of your website.
  • Provide with any current DNS record information. Such as mail being directed to google or office365, that information will need to be replicated in your DNS host files.
  • If your emails are being hosted, we require any information regarding your email accounts – This way we can recreate these accounts on the servers, so there will be no disruption in mail flow.

Once the migration is complete. It is important to Repoint your nameservers. will take care of this step if your domain has been transferred to us. However, if the domain is with another provider you will need to do this step yourself.

Our migration team will also be in contact with you as soon as the migration is complete. Just to touch base and to finalize the migration process with you.

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