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How to Stop your Domain Name Expiring

Contributor: Ellyse Dwyer

Date: 21 December 2020

How to Stop your Domain Name Expiring

Importance of a Domain Name

A Domain Name is a vital part of any website. Without the Domain Name, it would be almost impossible to establish and distinguish one website from another.  This name alerts and attracts customers to your website by telling them who, where and what your business does. Without a Domain Name, it would be the same as having a store in a shopping centre without any signage.

Why do Domain Names expire?

Once your website is up and running it can be easy to overlook some aspects of the business and you may forget that your Domain Name is a temporary thing. You could one day receive an email and it’s too late, there are a variety of ways this might occur:

Auto-renew is disabled

If you do not have Auto Renew enabled in your client area your Domain Name could expire without you realizing. Setting up Auto Renew is easily done by logging into the client area. To find this option go to Domains, My Domains, Manage Domain and check the Auto Renew for your selected domain.

Renewal Reminders go to spam will always make sure you are reminded by sending reminder emails to your primary email account before expiration. These can still be missed if these messages are going to your junk/spamfolder. It is important, depending on your mail client, to set reminders and rules, so this does not happen.

Outdated Billing Information

It is easy to forget all the sites, services, subscriptions you have tied to a specific card when it has expired or been lost. You could have the auto-renew set up on your account as previously stated but still have a domain expired because your card has expired. will get in contact with you via our support ticket system and phone as soon as this problem arises.

Multiple Domain providers

You may have registered Domain Names in the past with other providers, this is one of the easiest ways to forget about the renewal of a Domain. It is much easier to make payments, check domain name expirations and manage your Domains if they are all in the same place. You can easily do this by getting in contact with one of our support staff, we will be more than happy to transfer your existing domains over to be managed by us at

Keep Your Domain

The best way for your Domain Name not to expire is to do everything in your power to have these safe nets in place, just in case one of these methods fail. Enabling auto-renew, checking your spam, updating your billing information, and having all your Domains managed by the same company.

We understand at Domain Names play a crucial part in every business. Therefore our support team is ready and waiting for any of your Domain name needs.



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