What Is a Parked Domain and Why Should You Get One?

Posted By: Harry Masson
Date Posted: 20/06/2022

Every year, the number of websites increases. There are currently over a billion websites on the internet. However, did you know that 83.2 percent of those are inactive and are referred to as parked domains?

We’ve all heard that good domain names sell like hotcakes. If the domain name you want is unavailable, it’s possible that it’s parked.


But what exactly is a parked domain, and why should you get one? Let us investigate.

What Exactly Is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is a registered domain name that is not directly associated with a hosted platform.

The majority of websites have a single domain name that points to the main website. Parked domains, on the other hand, point to a “can’t be reached” page, a “this domain is parked” page, or a “this domain is for sale” page.

A parked domain can also be a “alias” or an additional domain name that points to the website of the primary domain.

Why Should You Park Your Domain Name?

It is not yet time

There is no better time than the beginning of your online journey to secure a domain name. If you come up with a good domain name, park it until the website goes live.

You can display a notice informing visitors that your website is currently under construction. They’ll see a “Coming Soon” or “Work in Progress” message when they try to access your parked domain.

Keep it for future use

You have a brilliant idea for a website and the perfect domain name — but you’re not quite ready to get started.

And, as previously stated, good domain names sell quickly. A name you come up with today might not be available tomorrow.

As a result, parking your website is a reasonable solution. When your website is ready to go live, you can save that domain name and point it to your hosting account.

You intend to sell it

Domain names are one of the most valuable digital assets in today’s tech-centric world. They add significant value to a company.

That is why many investors buy new domains at a low price and then sell them at a higher price. They park the domain, redirect it to a landing page with the words “This domain is for sale,” and wait for someone to express interest in purchasing it.

Keep your brand safe from cybersquatting

Cybersquatting is the unauthorised registration and use of domain names that incorporate a company’s trademark. They buy these domains with the intention of reselling them to the rightful owner of the trademark.

By parking your domain, you can protect your brand from cybersquatting. Register the same domain under all relevant domain extensions, including.com.au, .au ,.net, .biz, and.org.au.

Register as many spelling alternatives as possible, similar to how Google secured gogle.com and google.com. Visitors who misspell your domain name will still be redirected to the correct website in this manner.

What Exactly Is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a prefix that is appended to your primary domain name. Subdomains are used to organise your website into sections that appear to be separate websites.

Assume you have a website called australianoutback.com.au, for example. A subdomain can be used to launch a camping site (camping.australianoutback.com.au) or a fishing site (fishing.australianoutback.com.au). It’s also a good idea to keep your subdomains short in order to make them easier to remember.

Subdomain vs. Parked Domain

A parked domain and a subdomain each serve a distinct function.

A parked domain is a domain name that redirects to your primary domain. When your visitors enter the parked domain, they will be able to access your main website and view all of its content.

A subdomain, on the other hand, is a website with its own distinct content but no new domain name. It simply serves as an organiser for categorising the various types of content on your website.


Parking your domain indicates that you do not intend to use it immediately. It’s the same as storing your car in your garage to be used later. You can either wait for your website to launch, save them for later use, or keep them to resell later. Even if you aren’t ready to use it right away, get it first and park it.

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