Should I become a Affiliate?

Posted By: Sam Perugini
Date Posted: 17/07/2022

Should I be a web hosting affiliate


Last week we discussed Web Hosting Reselling.  This week its about affiliate programs.  What is the difference and why would I choose affiliate over reseller?

As per being a reseller, you may have a design company or something related to Websites and hosting can be a way of supplementing your income with an extra service you can provide to your clients.

As a reseller you could become a Web Hosting Company however in this case you need to support your own customers.  You may not have time or the knowledge or can even be bothered with the extra work.  You want to spend your time looking after your core business and let someone else take care of the hosting for your customers.

This is where being an Affiliate comes in.  You can offer your clients an extra service by adding Web Hosting as a product they could buy in association with a Website you may develop for them or you may provide their IT support.   So you sign them up and let us take care of them as hosting customers.

How does this happen?

You provide a link for them to sign up or you can do it for them.   This link lets Hosting Australia know that they have signed up under your affiliate so you can get a commission for them signing up. Rather than you managing them as your customers you just receive a commission for referring them to us.  They become our customer but that makes sure they are then fully supported by Hosting Australia

How do I get paid?

Have the client sign up via your Affiliate link and for any product they purchase you get paid a commission. You can even get paid on the products you buy if you choose to be a Hosting Australia customer.   To find out more on what you will be paid click here to read about our Affiliate program

Sign up is free and you can start referring customers as soon as you setup your affiliate link.

You can find all the information on the Affiliate Program here.








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