How do I choose hosting?

Need Help Choosing a Product?

Hosting, Domains, Emails, SSL and more! Take it from us, we had to learn this at the beginning too and we know it can be confusing. There are so many variations on hosting packages (aka, what you get for your $$$) and there are many optional choices for things you may or may not need. How do you know what to choose?

To make it easy, Hosting Australia have selected the most common hosting package our clients choose (Core Hosting Package @ $14.90 per month), set a monthly recurring payment plan and also added in our latest special offer – which is current 3 months free, saving you over $40! All you need to do is enter your new domain name above, confirm its available and then follow the standard check out process.

And even better news – you can always upgrade or downgrade at any time via our online portal!

You will be up and running within minutes. If you have any questions, just jump on our live chat or give our all Australian support team a call on 1300 761 930.


Its that easy!

Web Hosting Quick Start

Just follow the steps below to get up and running within 10 minutes!

1 – Enter the domain you would like to register or transfer, the latter if you already have it registered with another provider, in the Domain Search field to the right.

2 – On the following page, choose either:

Register – If you need a brand new domain created from scratch. Then click CHECK, to confirm the domain is available.
Transfer – If you have another domain registered elsewhere. Then click TRANSFER, to begin the domain transfer process.

3 – Once you have done the above, you can proceed through a standard checkout, entering your contact details, then confirming the pricing and domain details are correct and placing the order securely using your credit card.

Confirm Domain is Available

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