FusionWM Terms and Conditions

The below Terms and Conditions govern the use of all FusionWM products:


General Terms

Fair Use PolicyFair Use Policy

Included & Excluded Items

Submission Of Job Requests

Automatic Update Scheduling

Job Completion Times



General Terms

Where not specified otherwise, Hosting Australia’s (HA) General Terms and Conditions will apply. This includes terms surrounding payments, invoices, service uptime and suspension.

Fair Use Policy


Our Fair Use Policy is intended to ensure that FusionWM is available to all Hosting Australia customers and that the service is not used used in an unreasonable manner.

Hosting Australia reserves the right to vary the terms of this Fair Use Policy from time to time.

The client agrees that the interpretation and meaning as described in T&C’s is at the discretion of Hosting-Australia.

Unreasonable Use

HA consider it unreasonable use of a FusionWM if use of the service:

  1. is deemed to be fraudulent;
  2. involves non-ordinary use;
  3. involves over use of the support ticket system;
  4. involves repeat changes, amendments or alterations to the same item(s);
  5. reselling or supplying a service to a 3rd party;
  6. Any other use or request that Hosting Australia deems to be against reasonable use of FusionWM.

Our Rights

Should HA reasonably consider Your use of the FusionWM Services to be unreasonable, We may, at Our sole discretion, without telling You before We do so:

  • suspend or limit the Service (or any feature of it) in accordance with Our Agreement with You; and/or
  • terminate the Service in accordance with Our Agreement with You.

In most cases, Hosting Australia will endevour to work with you and reach a solution to use the service outside of scope of the Fusion offer, including providing a customised price point if necessary.

This policy is supplementary to and does not limit any of Hosting Australia’s rights.

Included & Excluded Items

Included Items – FusionWM One and FusionWM Elite

The below list are all the services that are included with the FusionWM service.

Note: This list is not meant to be all inclusive. Items not listed will be at the discretion of Hosting Australia.

  • Web Hosting Package, as specified by the package limits
  • WordPress Updates (Non-automated, as requested)
  • Plugin Updates (Non-automated, as requested)
  • Changes to Site Text
  • Minor Style (CSS) Changes
  • Contact Details Changes
  • Contact Form Changes
  • Logo Changes
  • Basic Text Changes
  • Add/Removing Images
  • Detail/price changes
  • Image changes
  • Removing of Products


Included Items – FusionWM Elite Only

The below items are only included with the Elite Package:

  • Detail/price changes
  • Image changes
  • Removing of Products


Excluded Items

The below list are all the services that are excluded from being covered by the FusionWM service.

Note: This list is not meant to be all inclusive. Items not listed will be at the discretion of Hosting Australia.

  • Domain Registration Fees
  • SSL Certificate Renewals
  • Malware/Hacking repair or removal.
  • Resolving of site issues caused by unknown 3rd parties
  • Blog Updates
  • Major Structural Changes (PHP or CSS)
  • Graphic/Image editing
  • Adding Products
  • PHP compatibility fixes

Other or non-included technical support issued will be triaged according to priority in our normal support queue.

Submission Of Job Requests

All FusionWM Job’s, must be submitted via email or support ticket, as per the FusionWM documentation. Phone based support requests will not be accepted, unless specifically advised otherwise by Hosting Australia staff.

Automatic Update Scheduling

When automatic updates for CMS Plugins and core files are enabled, they will be scheduled by the FusionWM support team on a rolling monthly roatation which will generally be the aniversary of the FusionWM order being activated.  (eg, if an order is placed on 12th of the month, each update check will be scheduled on/around the 12th of each following month.

Clients are able to request updates to plugins or CMS core between these dates by opening a ticket.

Job Completion Times

Due to the nature of the included services, all FusionWM job requests will be responded to as standard (non-urgent) support requests, as defined on this page. Jobs of an urgent nature, may be submitted as a standard ticket or support request, but will be charged and addressed as per Hosting Australia’s standard support policies.


Non Ordinary Use – Usage deemed by Hosting Australia to be outside that of an ordinary website or hosting package. For example, a site that is generating a constant requirement for changes and/or updates to content above and beyond what a standard website may require.

Excessive tickets – An excess of tickets submitted under the FusionWM system. This may include such things as: identical issues, unnecessary changes or for unsupported issues.

Outside of Scope – Refers to demands or requirements that are considered to not be in line with this document or general hosting needs.