We support you through the COVID19 Crisis

Read on for options to support your business through the COVID19 Crisis. Hosting Australia is dedicated to supporting our business community through financial hardship.

There are multiple ways that Hosting Australia can support you. Please call us on 1300761930.

My business has suspended operation and I cannot afford my website hosting.

Hosting Australia will archive and store your website for up to six months at no cost. When you are ready to resume business simply contact us and we will unpack and restore your website.

I am suffering financial hardship and I am not sure when I can pay my account.

If you are in financial hardship please contact our accounts department we may be able to assist you with more flexible payment terms, or offer other forms of assistance.

If I cancel the hosting for my website will I lose my domains name.

If you feel you must cancel your hosting then all remaining registration time on your domain name will persist under normal renewal terms.  You can at anytime restart your account with us.

If I want to shut my account but I still need access to my email? What do I do?

Contact us for advice. We may be able to move your account type to a smaller account and funnel all your emails into one ‘catch-all’ address.

I can't contact my existing provider for support? Is your support team still operational?

Yes. Hosting Australia is still fully staffed and we can help sort out your website hosting problems even if you are currently with another provider. Please contact us on 1300761930 to talk to our team.